Creative Corals!

Our team consists of two people Rosie and Claire. Rosie’s favorite food is hotdogs ,also loves Taylor Swift and baby Yoda , Stingrays, drawing and the colors, light blue and light purple. Claire LOVES snakes , pasta , the ocean and anything yellow or light pink or light blue and otters , she loves robotics and solar cars that we do in gifted. Claire also likes Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor swift.




solar panel dimensions

Rear wheel diameter

weight 242.8

front wheel diameter

gear ratio

This is our car named The Sunny Side Of The Sea and we thought of the name when we were testing our car and we thought ” Would it be cool to have a name? ” I , Rosie, ran outside to ask Claire and we finally got our name. Also for some of the siding paper, instead of throwing leftover papers out we used them to cover the tape.

One thought on “Creative Corals!

  • I didn’t see a photo of your car. It has a great name!


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