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Deeharr’s Critter Cottage

Orlando Science School

Deeharr G. – 5th grade

I designed my critter cottage like a bird’s nest for a bird.

Design Documentation

Closeup image of the top view of my bird nest
Closeup of the outside view of my bird nest
Closeup image of the side view of my bird nest
Closeup image of the front view of my bird nest

I did not have any help from anyone and made the nest by myself.

In materials I used paper and made homemade non toxic glue using flour and water to make
a Paper Mache bowl. Then glued some sticks around the bowl and inside used dried and fresh
grass, pine needles, and flowers to cover the inside.

Critter Test

My Critter Cottage is intended to be outside so I left it outside for a day and afterwards nothing happened to my habitat. I put my Critter Cottage next to my bird feeders outside, and I saw a bird sit on it but it quickly flew away and I couldn’t capture a picture. My Critter Cottage can even withstand rain
and is safe for bird due to everything being non toxic and safe. My design is good for humming birds, sparrows, blue jays, red robins, and many other birds.

Team Design Video

Marketing Material

5 thoughts on “Deeharr’s Critter Cottage

  • Very nice job! You really tried to make the nest comfortable.

  • Well done Deeharr. It’s nice to see that you tested it and found that the birds were interested.

  • Excellent work. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into the construction and the material of the next.

  • This is so much more detailed than I first thought. The thought that you put into this project is incredible. The fact that you even thought about the glue being non-toxic was an excellent consideration. Well done, Deeharr!

  • Wow, your nest looks great! I can see all the hard work you put in Deeharr.


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