Ganon Slayers

Our team

Nate and Mason have known each other since 3rd grade and both love Legend Of Zelda and got most of the inspiration from Skyward Sword and Tears Of The Kingdom, one of the most awesome Zelda games. *(Nate likes Skyward Sword better though and has played most of the games).

Our Car

Our car is Epona it is name is from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess and it is as fast as the horse Epona in the game.

Our Data

length34 1/2 cm
width23 cm
height14 cm
weight273 g
solar panel dimensions1cm high 33cm long 11 1/2 cm wide
rear wheel diameter6 cm long 1cm wide 6 cm high
front wheel diameter4 cm long 1cm wide 4cm high
gear ratiosmall 10 teeth; large 60 teeth; 70 teeth total

Our Time Trials

TestSun Battery
Yo, this is us and some pics of our solar car.

Our video of the car

Some pics of our car

Our jingle

Were the Ganon slayers of Hyrule we beat up Ganon too and like to save Zelda too.

2 thoughts on “Ganon Slayers

  • Great looking design! Kick some solar car butt this weekend!!!


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