Guinea Pig Geniuses

Recycled Pizza Boxes6
Reused Carpet Square Samples [ any color ]5
Hot Glue Gun1
Hot Glue Sticks5
Plywood 1- 2*2, 2- 2*1, 9- 1*1
Steel Weather Resistant Hinges10-12
Recycled Knee-high socks2
Unused Plastic Funnel1
Cotton Balls1 bag [ 100 ]
Guinea Pig (for testing)1
Foam Tubes1/2
Sustainable velcro squares30
Blue Duck Tape1/8 of a standard roll
Process of nailing the wood Help we received

By: Avelynn R, Aadhira G, Ava S, and McKenzie S. (6th Grade Freedom 7 Students)

Outdoor guinea pig habitat fit for ALL the elements.

The Help We Had

Though the guinea pig was scared at first, he warmed up to the habitat after human support. He seemed to really enjoy the partially enclosed area, proving our theory that the guinea pig that we used named smores is very anti-social.

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Store staff-cutting wood Volunteer -buying supplies Teacher -buying supplies Internet-research Volunteer-Help building Volunteer- Help cutting

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  • Your guinea pig was comfortable enough to take a nap…that is a good sign.


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