Leo, Charlie, Tucker

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Junior Solar Sprint Design Log

Car Name: AEC Killer Toucher

Team MemberGradeStrengths
Leo W.8thI’ve done this 3 years in a row | Veteran
Tucker C.8thI’ve done this once before and have a very good understanding.
Charlie S.8thI’ve done this once

Time and Design Progress

DateTime SpentActivities
December 1, 20231 hourToday we spent the entire class planning.
December 15, 20231 hourToday we started sketching a foam and fiberglass idea
January 5, 20241 hourToday we decided not to do the fiberglass idea and made a floor for the car out of plastic.
January 12, 20241 hourToday we made walls and glued them on and decided on a cheese themed car.
January 19, 20241 hourToday we added our motor.
January 26, 20241 hourToday we spray painted, added wheels and started making a spot for the solar panel.
February 2, 20241 hourToday we added everything we have to have including velcro, a ping pong ball holder and we tested it. We also added a door
February 9, 20241 hourToday we wrote this log and finished adding decorations to the wheels.
this run was sunny. distance: 27 Ft. time elapsed: 5 sec date and time: 4:00 4/2/24 5.4 fps.

this run was shady. distance: 27 Ft. time elapsed: 20 sec Date and time: 3:50 4/2/24 1.35 fps

this run was on batteries. distance: 27 Ft. time elapsed: 6 sec Time and date: 4:00 4/2/24 4.5 Fps

Final specifications

Dimensions of car: 14.5 cm, 14 cm, 27.5 cm

Weight: 169.15

Wheel size(s): Back: 5 cm Front: 4 cm

Gear ratio: 1:4

Components list: balsa wood, Velcro, Lego bulb, wheel, big wheel (2x), hot glue, spray paint, sharpie, coroplast, magnets, axels, bushings. all recycled.

Design obstacles and changes made: We had to change the whole design of the car. we added a better holder for the ping pong ball. someone dropped our car and we had to fix it.

One thought on “Leo, Charlie, Tucker

  • Good job! I like the overall design, but I would make two suggestions. 1) make sure you have a steering device; I could not see one on the photos. 2) The back square piece on the body is probably slowing you down. I would remove it so it doesn’t catch air during the race.


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