Lizard Lovers

Zellwood Elementary

Annika G. 5th , Samantha B. 5th, Della Z. 4th

Brown Anole Lizard

Design Documentation

Plants and Watering Space

Our fake lizard taking a drink of water.

We got structural help from these non-team members and these tools

  • Mrs. Owens
  • Anonymous school parents -donated plant, sand, screen
  • A saw
  • A hammer and nails
  • A drill
  • Hot glue

Recycled parts

  • Bottom of plastic cup
  • Soda bottle bottom
  • Solar panel
  • Tree branches
  • Container house
  • Moss covering
  • Wood for stand

Parts used in construction

  • Bottom of a soda bottle as a plant holder
  • Bottom of a plastic cup for a plant showerhead
  • Wood to make a climbing wall

Critter Test

We could not get a lizard so we put our shelter outside and the sand got wet but nothing broke and it all still looked the same.

Team Design Video


We encountered some difficulties while building, our first plant shower head design was too short and had too small holes. We also had problems with the climbing wall, the nail kept bending and getting ruined.

We got our information from google.

Materials we used: Plant, soda bottle, plastic cup, saw, wood, solar panel, moss, sand, sticks, leaves, decor rock


5 thoughts on “Lizard Lovers

  • I like how you told us about the problems along the way.

  • Good job! To bad you couldn’t catch a lizard to put in there so we could see if they like it :).


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