Lungs of the Earth

Name: Akshara M.
School: Orlando Science Elementary
Grade : 3
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement

Hi, my name is Akshara M. I go to Orlando Science Elementary School. My project is called “Lungs of the Earth”. I used acrylic paint because acrylic is bold and conveys my message strongly. I wanted people to know that deforestation leads to a climate crisis that can affect all of us. I showed the land in the shape of lungs because trees remove carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air and provide us with oxygen to breathe. The brown spots show where deforestation has already happened. If we keep cutting down trees, this will be bad for us and all the other creatures that live on Earth.

“Lungs of the Earth” Acrylic on Canvas

3 thoughts on “Lungs of the Earth

  • What a great idea to represent the issue by using lungs. That will help people understand the importance of stopping deforestation.

  • This is beautiful and thoughtful. Do you see areas on the way home that have trees being cut down? How do you think that will affect the people in that area? I love this visual and think it is an easy way for everyone to see how important that balance is and how important trees are to the ecosystem.


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