Rats in Hats

by Bay and Madison

Project materials

~lots of balsa wood planks

~tape, glue

~red and black paint

~Screws and hinges

-party streamers

-tissue paper

-popsicle sticks

We are Bay G. and Madison L.

We are both 6th graders at Viera el.

If you can’t tell, this is a rat cage.

We had our teacher help, and the Lowes staff precut the wood, internet for research. Bay’s Mom helped get some fabric from jo-annes


Dailey log

January 9

Decided project, started researching materials on amazon.

January 27

Madison joined my team, taped the roof pieces together, got the netting for wall grip

February 6

Taped floor pieces together, ordered more parts, painted one side of both floor and rook black and other side red.

February 13

Got wall boards, painted one side red on each, and purplish red towards the bottom of board, as the black to darken it was blue black.

February 20

Made a bit of a more detailed plan on google drawings.

February 27

Painted back wall black, ordered hinges to attach walls together

March 5

attached some walls together, made some bridges/ladders out of popsicle sticks

March 12

made and attached bridges

March 27

we ripped up two bags full of tissue paper

April 3

we layed down the tissue paper, finished the tunnel/tent finished, made video and finished web site

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I Stand With Palestine🇵🇸🍉 — Rats with hats!

One thought on “Rats in Hats

  • Very colorful and a fun looking play area for a pet rat. Keep an eye on him though, in case he decides to chew through the netting and escape.


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