Scene of Tranquility

Nova V and Emma S

4th graders at Ocean Breeze ES

Hello, and welcome to the Scene of Tranquility. Below are pictures with short descriptions that will tell you all about this beautiful place.

our beautiful scene has a house that has a simple roof that opens. The front house has a door that looks like a real one. It even opens. The inside of the house has a cute setup and a little cat at the end of the bed. The table on the inside provides fake food for everyone in

this is a fraction of the scene but sadly, we don’t have a picture of the forest. but on to happier thoughts, look at the turtles! the farmer feeding his horse! the little dolphin, crab and axolotl! it’s all so cute! The top of the house has solar panels for clean energy.

A water wheel for energy to assist the Solar panels.