Solar Flare

Dalila. B 5th Grade

DateTaskTime spent on taskTeam members presentObstacles encounteredModifications to car design
8/29/2023Put into groups1.5 hoursOwen P. Kevin C. Luke D.ZeroWorking on car design
9/5/2023Started our solar car1.5 hoursKevin C. Owen P. Dalila B. Luke D.Wrong measurements hade to get a new boardSmoothing out are solar car
9/12/2023Made measurements and read rules 1.5 hoursKevin C. Owen P. Dalila B.ZeroDrawling are design
9/19/2023Made more measurements and started to build car and sand it1.5 hoursKevin C. Dalila B.ZeroHad to smooth out the car because we got new board
9/26/2023We put on nylon spacers and inserted axle1.5 hoursLuke D. Kevin C. Owen P.The axle came offFixed the axle
10/3/2023We glued on our first pair of tires1.5 hoursKevin C. Owen P. Dalila B.ZeroGlued are tires
10/10/2023We glued on motor and worked on the website1.5 hoursKevin C. Owen P. Dalila B. Luke D.ZeroGlued the motor
10/17/2023We worked on the website1.5 hoursKevin C. Owen P. Luke D.zeroWorked on the website
10/24/2023Tried testing are wheels1.5 hoursKevin C. Owen P. Luke D. Dalila B.Wheels broke offWorked on the website
11/7/2023Glued on the straws and worked on the website 1.5 hours Luke D. Dalila B. Owen P. ZeroCut straws in half and put in on the car to hold the solar panel
11/14/2023Glued the wheels that fell off and worked on the website. We glued the tiers on the solar car1.5 hoursOwen P. Kevin C. Dalila B. Luke D.straws broke and had to glue them back on Fixed the wheels that broke off by using hot glue
11/21/2023Put the straws in the front1.5 hoursLuke D. Owen P.
Kevin C.
zeroWe put three 5.5 straws in the front of the solar car
11/28/2023Glued straws on the car frame, added the solar panel and added the guide clip.1.5 hoursLuke D.
Owen P.
Kevin C.
2 of the straws brokeZero
11/30/2023Completed time trial.5 hoursLuke D.broke the gator clipadded a new gator clip
12/01/23Completed time trials
Made video
.5Luke D.
Owen P.
Kevin P.
Car would not stay on the fishing line, gator clip keeps sliding offNeed to add a different gator clip
add another guide eye to help keep it on the line
Dalila is working on the battery.
Luke is figuring out the placing of the Straws.
Owen and Kevin are working on the placing of the solar panel.
Luke is working on the website and Dalila, Owen, and Kevin are watching and making sure it is good.
Top View.
Front View.
Side Right View.
Side Left View.
Bottom View.
Back View.

Car length = 26.5 cm

Car width = 10 cm

Car weight = 210 gm

Wheel size = 56×26

Gear ratio = gear D – 60 tooth 1/8″ bore

1 Pitsco Ray Catcher Sprint Deluxe Solar Kit = Free – our teacher went to a workshop

2 Big wheels = donation from teacher’s son Lego kit = $10.00/8 pieces = $ 1.25 each (Amazon price)

Red Straws = free from Chick-Fil- A

1 Plastic Cup = $25.00/500 = $.05

Wheel Traction Bands = Free from broccoli from the grocery store

Gator Clips = $8.00/100=$0.08 (2)

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