Southwood Elementary – Energy Transfer Machine

Welcome to Southwood Elementary’s Energy Transfer Machine!

We are The Midnights! We are a team of 4th and 5th grade students from Southwood Elementary in Orlando, FL.

Fourth Grade Students Fifth Grade Students
Grace M.Zoey D.
Reina I.Anabel D.
Terrence M.Diana R.
How Our Machine Works

First our inclined planes that we made them out of towel rolls for our marble to go down which they are also slanted. Then it goes to a small ramp that is covered in sandpaper to slow it down. The sandpaper leads into our next inclined plane made out of a cardboard, it goes down into our corkscrew where it will twist in turn pretty fast. We made it by cutting the bottom and top of a bottle than twisting paper plates around with extra cardboard sides and supports. Then, the motor will help the marble go down the ramp which is made out of cardboard with towel rolls to hold it up. Once it goes down that you will see a small track made with cardboard that leads to our last corkscrew. This corkscrew was made from using a tennis ball container then plates around the container with supports. Then the marble hits the golf ball to go down the rest till it hits the tennis ball. Now it will go down a steep ramp made from cardboard. Then a u turn with a small track inside that leads the golf ball to our next part and there is a cup that tills the u turn to help move the balls. This u turn is made out of cardboard. Next,a small track which is flat and straight made out of pure cardboard. This is where the golf ball hits the tennis ball that will pop the balloon which is our end task. We had a total of 7 energy transfers throughout the run.

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  • The artwork made it feel like it was midnight! Nice use of everyday materials. I have never seen a paper plate used as a ramp. What a great idea!


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