Squashy Grapes

Team members: Maddox DeRoche,7th, Makari DeRoche, 7th

Solar car name: Robloxian racer Because it has a ping pong ball with a Roblox face on it.


Our team is representing and supported by the STEM Tech Academy in Melbourne Florida. They focus on promoting STEM activities to disadvantaged youths. We do Lego, robotics, model rocketry, 3D printing and drawing, solar projects, reading and other activities.

March 9, 2024

We established our team, The Squashy Grapes. We also started making our designs.

March 16, 2024

We started making measurements and the side profile of our design. We encountered problems with the design along the way with improper measurements, but with the guidance of our coaches we were able to complete the starting design.

We are in the build stage and have to complete testing and time trials.

One thought on “Squashy Grapes

  • I don’t think I am able to judge your car based on the limited information provided.


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