Sun Ray (Energy-Inspired Art)

My project will be based off a Manta Ray, shown below.

My plans have been done since 10/23!

(10/30/23) Here is the pattern: (photo was taken at an angle, so that’s why it looks lopsided)

Base: [Top and bottom piece, x1 aqua green, x1 white] [Gill 1 x2 yellow ] [Gill 2 x2 yellow]

Accents: [Fin tip x4 blue] [Top mask x1 white] [Pelvic fin x2 white, x2 yellow]


Supplies are coming next week! It will be made out of felt. I will bring in needles and thread. Stiffing and safety eyes will come from my house as well, and possibly an embroidery needle.


Finished the main body, I just need to get more details on like the gills, stripes and eyes.


I finished the details! I just need to add them on and then i need to fasten eyes on. I also put a tail on.


Almost finished putting on the details. There’s one left. Now I need to glue in the armature wire and sew the mouth closed after stuffing. Images below!


I worked on sewing the body into a separate piece from the wings. I finished that, put some wire in it, and stuffed it. I also finished cutting a sun applique that will go near the base of the tail.

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