Sun Runners – 2021-22

Car Team Name

Sun Runners

School Name

Orlando Science Elementary

Team (3 Members)

  • Anay Sonawane (4th Grade)
  • Molina Soni (4th Grade)
  • Anahi Desai (5th Grade)

Design Documentation


– Front View
– Back View
– Left Side View
– Right Side View
– Top View
– Bottom View

Design Drawing

Design Drawing – Side View

Car Specification

Length: 263 mm

Width: 102 mm

weight: 9.6 Oz

Wheel Size: 3.97 cm diameter

Gear Ratio: 40:10

Total Cost: $52.95.

Project Log

DateTimeTasks CompletedWhereProgress
10/13/2101:58 pmCutting Balsa wood and assembling a panelat school10% completed
11/10/2103:25 pmAttaching base solar panel, attaching wheels, attaching the motor, attaching the battery packat school 80% completed
11/17/2102:00 pmSanding edges and adding velcroat school 98% completed
12/01/2101:59 pmCar look ideasat school 100% completed
Table 1 – Chronological project log

Test Results

Type Of PowerWeather Distance Travelled Time ElapsedSpeedPerformance Improvement
BatterySunny3.66m4.49 s0.815 m/sMost SpeedNone
Solar Sunny 3.66m 5.40 s0.678 m/sLease SpeedChange the angle of the Solar panel
Solar Sunny 3.66m 5.19 s0.705 m/sAvg. SpeedNone

Car Video

6 thoughts on “Sun Runners – 2021-22

  • I like the design, detail and most of all its my car too.

  • I like that you considered the aesthetics (how it looks) as well as the performance. The smooth edges and the painted panel mount are a great look. I also noticed that you changed the angle of the solar panel and were able to improve 2 tenths of a second over a short distance. This can make a big difference when you are racing the car.

  • This is mine so I love it!

  • good car like the design

  • I really liked how much detail you put into your video. Building a solar sprint car is no easy task. You should feel very proud of yourselves for building, testing, redesigning, and running the car!

  • Nice job, Sun Runners! I enjoyed seeing all of the details that went into your car. It looked very fast!


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