The Algaeta’s

Ella and Addison, 5th graders at Ocean Breeze Elementary

Our battery was an ozobot.

Our first completion rang a bell but then we changed it to popping a glitter filled balloon!!

Our machine
These are our transfers explained.

Our shorter run that rang a bell.

6 thoughts on “The Algaeta’s

  • Nnnnnnnniiiiiiicccccccceeeeeeeee!

  • hi! it;s eden! looks great! especially the colour theme

  • I like how you programed the bot to do different things along his path.

    • Thanks we appreciate your support

  • I like the run with the balloon pop at the end. Those can be tricky because balloons tend to move out of the way of objects disturbing air and heading towards them… made it look really easy. Good job.

  • Fun balloon pop at the end! 🙂


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