The Culinary Crazys

About Us

We are The Culinary Crazys from Freedom 7 Elementary.

Our highest temperature was 250 degrees it was 83 degrees and very sunny.

Our team consists of Ava M and Sahana S both of us are 6th graders who go to school at Freedom 7 Elementry.

Box Cooker Information

Our cooker is a box cooker we found box cookers through many different sources. We liked this style and decided to make our own. This was after researching and looking at a variety of box cookers. We thought that adding a ” Sunroof ” using magnifying glass sheets which was our unique material.

Parts of construction were

Plexi Glass, Black construction paper, one cardboard box, magnifying glass sheets, reflective foam insulation, duct tape, hot glue, and an aluminum pan. These were the materials that we used to make our solar oven.


Strawberry Cake 4 Servings

Ingredients: Pillsbury Box Cake, 3 eggs 1\2 Cup of vegetable oil, one cup of water, strawberry icing, sprinkles, cake pan, spoon, bowl, piping bags, and your choice of chocolate.

1. bake the Pillsbury box strawberry cake for about two hours check your progress every 30 minutes

2. Pour it into your cake pan

3. Then put it in the solar oven and check back every 30 minutes

4. Now take it out of the oven and fill a piping bag with icing

5. Then ice your cake

6. Now add the sprinkles and choice of chocolate and enjoy

Curasont Sandwich

Ingredients: Pillsbury Crusont, avocado, and cheese 1 serving

  1. make the Pillsbury crusonts and cook for 4 minutes and add avcodo and cheese inside

2. After adding then flip at 2 hourss

3. Now take out and enjoy

Our highest temperature was 250 degrees. We

Video: One issue was our sunroof catching on fire so we decided to add plexiglass instead.

This was one of the burn holes that the fire caused. This put a major setback with a little more time before the competition we will be successful.


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