The Dream Lake Elementary Jedi Scientists Solar Vehicle

Dream Lake Elementary, Apopka, Florida

Members: Claudivel G. 5th grade, Khloe M. 4th grade, Kaelin P. 4th grade, and Jaxson P. 4th grade

Car components are made from a FREE kit we received from the Orange County Public School’s District Elementary Science Team. The toilet paper tube used for our Ping Pong ball holder is recycled. Therefore, our vehicle’s total cost is $0.00.

Car length: 10.5 inch chassis and 12 inches with the solar panel attached Car width: 4 inches Gears: 5 to 2

The first time we tested our vehicle in the sun, the gears and motor spun very quickly while we held it. However, when we placed the car on the ground, the weight of car caused the gears to pinch together and the vehicle would not move. We changed the height and position of our motor and the problem was fixed.

Also, we wanted to place our Ping Pong ball holder under the solar panel but when we did, it made it difficult to insert the Ping Pong ball. The only space left for our holder was the very front of the car. We had to move our solar panel back a little and adjust our velcro.

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