The Galaxy Gals

The Team- Our team loves solar cars, and we all have had experience with them for 1 year, and we also have experience with solar ovens for 1 year. Our team members are Meryl, Daisy, and Tamara. We are all 4th graders at Buck Lake Elementary School. We use teamwork when we stick together and when things are hard, such as when the wheels were difficult to put on and stay on, we helped each other and now the wheels work well.

Meryl Daisy Tamara

Solar Panel Photos

Our Solar Car- Our solar car’s name is The Solar Star, because our theme is the galaxies, and we switched Car to Star. It runs with a solar panel connected to the generator, which makes the pulley rotate, so that the front wheels move. On our car, we have planets on the wheels for decoration. We put our passenger-Andromeda- in a rocket ship made out of cups to keep him safe. For our innovation we made our solar panel able to move so if the sun is more on the left we are able to move the solar panel to face the left where the sun is or the other way around, but if the sun is in the middle of the sky we are able to have the solar panel face straight up. Another innovation we have is our rocket that holds our ping-pong passenger, Andromeda, our rocket is made of two paper cups and one plastic cup we added flaps so our ping-pong passenger can easily be inserted and removed but still be safe inside our rocket.

Length32 cm
Width19 cm
Height12 cm
Weight293.6 g with battery pack
Solar Panel dimensions 33 cm Width: 11 cm
Rear wheel diameter58 mm
Front wheel diameter45 mm


2/298 m8.930.11 m/secpanel on the side
2/298 m8.240.97 m/secpanel on the top
3/208 m12.250.65 m/secattached to the string
3/258 m9.860.81 m/sec our team recorded this run
3/258m9.870.81 m/secrealized string was rubbing and causing friction on the chassis

Fun Facts

  • There are over 2 TRILLION galaxies
  • The closet galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy is Andromeda galaxy
  • The oldest galaxy is Alcyoneus 
  • One earth year is one light year

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  • Go Galaxy Gals!!

  • Awesome Job, young ladies!!!

  • Innovative and informative. Keep up the great work.

  • Galaxy gals good looking car and great job I hope y’all had a great time creating it.

  • Good Luck Galaxy Gals!

  • Go get’’em Galaxy Gals

  • Waaaaay to go girls!! Sending tons of luck from Montana!!

  • The Galaxy Gals should be very proud of their solar car and the work that was done!! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!!!

  • Go Galaxy Gals! Have a great race tomorrow! Love the decor and functionality of the “Solar Star”! 🌟


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