The Happy Hoppers

This is the rabbit on the top of the bunny cage from the back.

This is the front view of the rabbit in the bunny cage.

This is the top view of the bunny cage.

This is the side view of the bunny cage.

Who helped us: Nole. H, Reese. H, Victoria. J, Mia. E, Reese and Nole’s Mom helped us get the cage, Victoria’s Mom helped us transport the cage and Reese and Nole’s dad helped transport the cage, and Ms. Owens.

Materials: The cage is made of: The cage is metal and has a second floor that we attached using a wired platform and tied it with a zip tie. We used cardboard for the second floor to protect the rabbit’s feet. For the litter box we reused a cat litter box that has not been used.

Things about are rabbit: this rabbit belongs too Reese H, and Nole H. the rabbit we are using is about 5 years she had 4 babies and now.
We named her precious, but we call her Mama. She’s kind, she LOVES food like basil, sweet peppers, and strawberries. She likes to cuddle and hangout with others. She’s a lion head rabbit, she’s super fluffy.

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