The Haunted House ETM!

  • Every time we needed to do a trial run, the dominoes were placed perfectly because we marked each place down. The rail has “Dooms Ride” written on it, so our team placed the dominoes in certain spaces.
  • We used heavy weight steel balls so they would provide the system with sufficient force and speed. We used a slightly rusty steel ball after our domino system because we needed it to stay still without any support.
  • Our team is very proud of our initial step design. The cardboard weapon was painting to look real and has been given 3D effects of blood droplets. It works nicely to pop a water ballon.
  • Initially, parts were made out of cardboard. However, when water would splash on them, it would disturb the chain reaction of the car. When the cardboard railing got wet, the car was not able to roll down. SOLUTION: We aligned the rail with plastic film sheets
  • Calculating and analyzing how much baking soda would need to fall down was a hard task. SOLUTION: We made a double layered lifted cup, which had indents on the bottom, where the string would inwardly fit through. This would allow the cup to fall forwards.

2 thoughts on “The Haunted House ETM!

  • The theme and colors used on the webpage are amazing. I have never thought about making a haunted house ETM! How creative! Well done!


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