The Kids’ Kitchen

1. Meet our Team

-The Kids’ Kitchen – from Grandview Preparatory School! Our teammates include:

-Ben T, Isaac L, Brogan V, Zac, T.

Grade level: 6th grade

Left upper: Ben T, Right upper: Zac T, Middle: Isaac L, Bottom: Brogan V.

Our Solar Cooker

About Us and our School:

-We have competed in our school’s 2023 solar cooking competition and tied for first place. The winners were judged based on oven design, culinary technique, food taste, and results from Fresh from Florida, and team with the most WOW! 

MENU from 2023 Competition at School:

-Caramel apple: apple dipped in melted caramel sauce

-Salad with mango, lettuce, and watermelon.

-The marinade for the skirt steak was made up of teriyaki sauce and Peter Luger steak sauce.

-The lemonade had fresh lemons, sugar, and water.


-Our school’s team Chef Sol has won 3rd place in solar oven design and the WOW! Award Orange Division the Energy Whiz Solar Cook-Off in 2019!

2. Design Documentation

Help from non-team members: List of help from non-team members: Brogan’s dad provided sugar, lemonade, and water for us to make lemonade.

We chose the type of cooker because our food choice supported the design of the food. We chose a parabola style shape of pan because of its ability to reach higher temperatures. This is because the heat is more concentrated in a shorter duration. For example our grill was meticulously designed to radiate heat on to foods that have a harder time cooking, Therefore we cooked our food to the perfect temperature it needed. The things we used for the grill are the following, Grill Grate, Foil/Aluminum, PVC Pipes, Hinges/bolts, and the pan.

We used a cooker with the pipes already connected and we added the bowl, tin foil, and the iron skillet.

3. Test Results

Weather Conditions: It was clear and sunny for a good amount of time until all the ovens started to get rained out so we had to go inside, Luckily our food was preserved. 

Time Of Day: Middle of the day around noon, we started to get rained out. 

4. Team Design Video

Here is a link to the Team’s video.

5. Recipes

For our recipe, we have decided to cook steak, and we will create our special homemade sauce to spice things up. But to make everything just a little better, we will also be including a fresh homemade salad. We will be making lemonade for our drinks, but we will squeeze the lemons ourselves. Then for our dessert side of the meal, we will be making smores, because who doesn’t love smores! 

The details on steak: 

Skirt Steak Marinade: 

  • Marinade: Teriyaki Sauce with steak sauce.
  • Salad with the following ingredients: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and some homemade ranch as our sauce. 
  • Lemonade Ingredients: Freshly cut and squeezed lemons, sugar, and water with ice.
  • Smores: Include a piece of chocolate on top of a marshmallow to let the sun cook it and leave a drizzle of chocolate goo going down the smores.

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