The Pixelated Pirates

Our Team

Our names are Andrew and Elliot, and we chose our team name since we both like gaming (a lot). We’re both in fifth grade and in the same class. Our main hobbies are: 1-gaming, 2-soccer, and 3-reading. We have been a team since 2020 doing First Lego League Explore robotics. We are best friends and share a passion for games and outdoor activities.


Our car is named 4G Internet because we went with a gaming theme and 4G internet isn’t that fast compared to the internet of today, and our car might not be that fast. Our car has a purple and green bottom and also two clouds that are from Mario Kart. The car has multiple game titles that are hanging off the solar panel too.

Engineering Design Process

We chose our decorations since we both like video games, and we chose how the car would go since we both thought it would be easier and possibly make the car faster if we used a pulley instead of gears, and we realized a flat solar panel supported in the air would get more energy.

Flow of Energy

The sun powers the solar panel, while the wires bring energy from the solar panel to the generator. The generator moves, pulling the pulley which makes the wheel move, making the car go.

Car Photos

Performance Video

Car Sketches/Journal Notes

Car Specifications

Length45 cm
Width18.5 cm
Height11 cm
Weight219 grams
Solar Panel Dimensions33.5 cm long 12 cm wide
Rear Wheel Diameter6 cm
Front Wheel Diameter5 cm

Solar Time Trials

110m19.260.519 meters per secondsunny
210m18.340.545 meters per secondsunny
310m21.690.461 meters per secondsomewhat cloudy

Battery Pack Trial

110m21.450.466 meters per secondcloudyS L O W W W . . .
210m19.470.513 meters per secondcloudy
31020.120.497 meters per secondI did this after it rained:)

Reflections and Bloopers

The generator broke on DAY 6! (fixed on same day) Day 14: We found out one of the wheels wasn’t taped at all. No wonder the car sucked! (p.s. it still sucks. “day 17”) The car was accidentally thrown away by the school custodians. WHYYYY

Special Thanks

Miss Perez for all the materials, and all the other Buck Lake 5th grade teams for support.

One thought on “The Pixelated Pirates

  • So sorry you lost your car. It looked like you put a lot of work into it. Hopefully, you learned some things and enjoyed working on it.


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