The Solar Singers

Sun: Oscar Leonard (On left) Earth: Emily Nguyen (On right)

Both: We’re the Solar Singers, Earth: he is the Sun, Sun: she is the Earth, Both: and this is what this planet’s worth, Earth: Earth is fun, you can play in the sun, go to the beach, learn and teach, Both: this is Everything Earth, Sun: this place is great, people collaborate, or you can leave this place, and go to space, Earth: but this place is unclean, Sun: so much smoke can be seen, Earth: and to this pollution we have a solution, Sun: but we need you to follow along Both: To our song… Earth: save the animals, use solar panels, Sun: and please don’t litter, or your life will be bitter, Earth: We need to save the plants, Sun: save the ants, Earth: we need to save the Earth, Sun: for what it’s worth, Earth: if you could use less plastic, Sun: that’d be fantastic, Earth: clean up after your pets, Sun: cause that would be a mess, Earth: save the animals, Sun: use solar panels, Both: so save the Earth, for what it’s worth… (we both bow and walk off stage)

One thought on “The Solar Singers

  • So creative! Great job thinking outside the box! Thank you for including the lyrics so I could follow along. I would have liked to learn more about why you chose to write a song and why this topic was important to you.


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