The Solar Tulip car

Team The Atoms

Gulf Coast Elementary of Science and Technology –

Spring Hill, Florida

GIRLs making a GLOBAL STEM impact!— “TRANSITIONING TO SOLAR and RENEWABLE ENERGY may be the most change needed to achieve a SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL CIVILIZATION”

Solar energy is a carbon neutral alternative to conventional fuels. It is also an economic benefit (the prospect of controlling electric bills). The 5th grade Girls in Gulf Coast Elementary of Science and Tech are being taught to remediate and cause an environmental positive impact as well as learn a skill, to create a solar artifact that can solve an impending energy crisis in their future!

This is my first experience in a MAKERSPACE of this kind, we learned to use coping saws, Scroll saws, sanders, soldering and glue guns…

The Solar TULIP from the color purple, the photovoltaic cells are translucent blueish-violet

Jillian Blum

The first solar car was doing drift wheelies because we misaligned the axles.

The second solar car was a bust because we painted over the batteries.

The third one was successful due to the Full collaboration of each student in the team.

Next year, Gulf Coast Elementary will make a large solar car! We are full of enthusiasm!

2 thoughts on “The Solar Tulip car

  • It looks like everyone got to learn some valuable skills and lessons along the way, I would say every car was a success because of that. My favorite looking car was the splatter one, it reminds me of Jackson Pollock. Keep working and we look forward to what you all make in future EnergyWhiz events!

  • good job! i bet this took a lot of work, but it was probably worth it!


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