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o if your team has competed in the Solar Cook-Off before (how many years?)
o if your school has previously competed in any other solar cooking event
o past Solar Cook-Off awards won by the school
o interesting fact(s) about your team, your recipe, or your school

here we are screwing in the shelf to hold the mirror

getting ready to figgier out how wide and how long it is.

this is when I’m using a saw to cut a thick piece of foam.

getting ready to put our piece of black paper and brick.

DatesPeople presentWhat we worked on
12/12/23Niyah, Na’RyahWe were discussing what we were going to do and reading the rules .
12/19/23Niyah, Na’RyahWe were thinking about what food we were making what will the box will look like.
1/16/24Niyah, Na’RyahWe started our website and Na’Ryah started working on it right away and Niyah did the recipe’s.
1/23/24Serenity, Na’Ryah , NiyahWe got a new team member and then we started our work.
1/30/24Serenity, Na’Ryah , NiyahNaryah was on the website and Niyah and serenity were getting the recipes of our food.
2/6/24Serenity , Na’Ryah , NiyahWe got our recipes and stared entering it in and making our box.
2/13/24Serenity, Na’Ryah, NiyahNa’Ryah made the table and started entering what we did every day for spring project.
2/20/24Serenity, Na’Ryah, NiyahSerenity and Na’Ryah are working on the website and Niyah is working on the stuff that we need.

Main course: Shrimp Tacos 

½  tsp ground cumin
½  tsp cayenne pepper 
1 tsp salt
¼ tsp black pepper 
1 tbsp unsalted butter 


½ small purple cabbage
2 medium avocado
2 roam tomatoes
24  small white corn tortillas

½  lb tilapia 
½  diced red onion 
½  bunch cilantro longer stem removed
 4  oz 1 cup cotija cheese 
1 lime cut into 8 wedges

Side Dish:

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