What can we do to help?

Art Project done By Evy

4th grade , Brevard Virtual Schools

This mixed media artwork depicts the growing negative effects of climate change, due to global warming. Recycled single-use plastics like bottle caps, plastic bags, and straws are used to show increased wildfires, melting ice caps, and stronger hurricanes. Living near the beach, I know what hurricanes are like. We’ve had to evacuate our house twice due to Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. People contribute to these effects with demands that require burning fossil fuels, and people are going to have to help change this pattern as well. In front is a colleague with some things people can do to help – care for climate; plant native plants; reduce, reuse, recycle; upcycle, use renewable energy like sun and wind power, and inspire others to care. I’m doing my part to help Earth thrive in the future. Are you? *Note – No new materials were purchased in the making of this project

5 thoughts on “What can we do to help?

  • This is a lovely collage! Great concept using recycled materials. It is a very clear message that is nicely designed.

  • Excellent use of repurposing your materials to depict growing negative effects of climate change, due to global warming. A very nice presentation with great facts. Thank you for sharing.

  • I like that you have ‘solutions’ and not just ‘problems’ pictured….and you did it all with recycled materials. Good job!

  • I would really like to see this in person. It looks so interesting. It shows a great deal of thought and creativity. It is impressive that all parts of the artwork were made from re-used items.


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