Wind Energy/Power

The 4 Steps for wind turbines to take wind and make it into electricity are…

  • 1- Wind Turbines-Wind turbines convert wind into kinetic energy that flows off.
  • 2-Kinetic Energy-The kinetic energy converts into a energy called mechanical energy.
  • 3-Mechanical Energy-The mechanical energy eventually converts into electrical energy.
  • 4-Electrical Energy- That electrical energy goes through power lines and ends up in our cities and towns.

Procedure for my Energy Art

First, you should neatly draw everything with a pencil.

The next step is to paint the background blue for the sky. Make sure not to put anything else yet!
Then, you have to get your supplies and start hot gluing your materials to where you put the pencil outline.

For the wind turbine, paint/color it white so it looks like one.

Next, add the information in Sharpie so it really stands out.

A tip is to outline everything with Sharpie.

Lastly, paint and apply all other materials. Don’t forget to leave it to dry!


1-Cotton balls



4-Sticker letters

5-Poster board

6-Black string

7-Popsicle sticks

8-Hot glue

5 Facts about wind turbines that you probably didn’t know!

1-Wind turbines make a lot of noise and take up a lot of space, so they are usually around the ocean!

2-A single wind turbine can stand almost four times as high as Optus Stadium.

3-A wind turbine blade can be around 90 meters long.

4-There’s such a thing as too much wind.

5-Wind turbines usually operate for around 20 years.

Thank you so much for reading this webpage! I hope you like it, the facts, the images and more!

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