Windy Flower Cove

Created by Leonor and Essie 5th graders from Thornebrooke Elementary

Welcome to windy Flower Cove! This project was inspired by wind turbines. This piece of art includes spinning popsicle wind turbines ,little stones ,and bowls. This type of art is called a 3D landscape . Its supposed to demonstrate how the world could if we used wind turbines it would be sparkly clean(: .

Check out our video to see how we made this 3D landscape!

Wind turbines are very helpful to our environment .They replace electricity from other sources such as fossil fuels. This can lead an overall reduction in carbon emissions . The wind turbines in our art work are made from popsicle sticks decorated with different textures.

Fish and birds are dying from oil leaks in the ocean. As you can see, Windy Flower Cove has sparkling, clean water made from beads and sea glass. Let’s keep it that way!

Air pollution can damage crops, trees and animals in a variety of ways. Air pollution is awful for humans too. Air pollution, when inhaled by an human, can cause lung diseases. Air pollution cause damage leaf cuticles in plants.

Pollution can be stopped in very many ways. You can just recycle and that would help you could use renewable resources.

Watch our demonstration on how easy it is to keep the environment clean.

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