Annmadean (Annmarie + Austin Dean)

Pershing School K-8

Grades 6-8

Our Energy Inspired Art Machine. Uses a water wheel (example of renewable energy) to create unique canvas art.

Artists’ Statements

Our machine-generated art is meant to remind people of the importance of choosing renewable energy such a hydropower to help protect our Earth. We use a water wheel and even reuse the water to power our machine.


Design Gallery

Our Inspiration:

Water Wheels. One Type of Renewable Energy

We got inspired by a water wheel. A water wheel moves water to make energy, and we used it to move our paint. The way it is renewable is because after we pour, it we can collect the water and pour it back through. The waterwheel is an energy-friendly solution being powered by a clean energy source – hydropower. Water wheels were still in use into the 20th century but they are no longer in common use. They were used to mill flour, grinding wood into pulp for papermaking and pounding fiber for making cloth.

Diagram of a water wheel

7 thoughts on “Annmadean (Annmarie + Austin Dean)

  • I love the artists’ statement! Great job!

  • Awesome work!! Well done!

  • This is FANTASTIC you two!! I love that you have tied in both STEAM and art! Proud of you both!

    PS. Love the name!

  • Great job working together to use old technology to make something creating today

  • Great idea and design. I love how you made a machine to make art in a random way. The method is as much a piece of art as is the painting it creates.

  • This is amazing Annmadean !! I can spin that wheel all day long. Nice work sharing the usage history and details. Well done!!


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