Fresnel Friends

Callie M, Camdyn P, Helena S, Willow S

Ocean Breeze Elementary School

5th grade

Some information about our cooker and team is that our team just got together and two of us had done this before and two of us had not, also our school has competed in this competition very many times. Another fact about our school is that at this competition our school has won wow awards food awards and more! Some fun facts about our recipe are that we are cooking Mexican food. we also got help from our teacher Mrs. Mentillo. We did not need any power tools or to buy anything from the store.

Full picture of our solar oven being tested with a thermometer and water.

Our idea for our cooker came from when we were looking on the internet for ideas of cookers and while we were looking Callie said “I don’t want the foods fumes mixing” so we decided to go with us each having our own box.

This is the final and updated version of are solar oven. Each box is…

Length:8 in. Width:6 in. Height:6 in.

The hole box is… (All for boxes combined)

Length:35 1/2 in. Width: 12 in. Height: 6 in.

From are first diagram to are last.

The materials used to create our solar oven are

4 cardboard boxes

reflective panels

Duct tape

PB C pipes


Tin foil


The highest temperature we got was 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The time of day was between 12:00-1:00 pm. It was sunny and it was not cloudy. the temperature out side was 61-81 degrees Fahrenheit.

For are appetizer we will be serving nachos and salsa. For the drink we will present champurrado. Then we will serve you the main course Black bean and corn quesadillas. Then after all that amazing food we will end it will a Mexican hot fudge sundae.

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