Get Set Grow!

Bay Meadows Elementary

Anushka.S (5th), Jade.D (5th),Iris.D (5th), Andrew.A (4th)

How we made watering plants fun

Materials Used:

4Ft x 4Ft Wood plank

Batteries operated fan


Plastic bottle caps

Wooden dowels

Card board

Hot Wheels track

Zip tie


Plastic water bottles



Plastic cup

Tin foil


Popsicle sticks

Toilet paper roll




Hot glue

This is how our Energy Transfer Machine works, Chemical to electrical (Battery)-essentially its a release of energy when chemical reactions take place inside a cell. Electrical to kinetic (Rotational KE in fan motor).Electrical to heat and sound (the fan motor makes some sound and gets heated, (these are undesirable conversions that dissipate energy).

Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy, all of the slides and falls, car, marble etc. When the car collided with the marbles we noticed a few things(a) Sound (b) Vibration (c) There will also be some heat, these dissipative conversions take place when PE is converted to KE. The car will go down the ramp, and knock the “Jenga” blocks down, which will make the golf ball go down the tunnel, this is Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy. When the golf ball hits the balloon filled with water, the balloon will roll into the cup with pins and pop, and water our plant, this is Gravitational Potential Energy in action.

10 thoughts on “Get Set Grow!

  • Way to go! Love the innovation and content knowledge. 🙂

  • Creative concept, lots of transfers and transfer types, good teamwork, and great presentation.

  • I loved seeing your ideas and planning come to life. Way to Go! Keep working hard. I loved the excitement you all had with your successful demonstration of the transfer of energy.

  • Watering plants is no longer boring with this machine!

    I also loved the detail of the little flowers.

    Great work all around!

  • You four made a great team, and that showed in your excitement and the quality of the machine. Good job describing all of the steps, including the loss of energy.

  • It is evident you all work together well and cooperatively! Way to go! It is amazing and you make BME proud!

  • This is so amazing! I love the idea of making watering plants fun! This is great I love all the details.

  • I’m so impressed with your creativity, teamwork, and science knowledge. I love that your final task involved the ultimate transfer of energy….photosynthesis! Way to go Andrew, Anushka, Jade, and, Iris!


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