Global Warming on Our Earth

Milwee Middle School

Brooke P. 8th Grade


My dream was to see,

A beautiful thing,

Full in the ice,

That’s melting into the sea.

Because of the warming,

Of this harmful earth,

We pay the price,

But what is it worth?

When I grow old,

And have kids of my own,

They will set off at sea,

With all of their dreams.

Knowing their young,

Knowing their bright

They want a future,

But what is in sight?

Not a bear in the polar,

But a bear in the trees,

Watching as they all disease.

Seeing the world,

Seeing these voids,

Why did we expel,

These magical joys?

Throwing out trash,

To save the snow,

Helping the climate,

To not grow.

Riding a bike,

Or closing some doors,

Are just some little things,

That mean a lot more.

They’ll help to keep,

Our species just longer,

For then we will,

Might just get a bit stronger.

We always come back,

To what’s good for our hearts,

Not releasing our world,

Might fall apart.

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