Saving the Sea (LFEC Stream Academy)

By: Cynara H (6), Eden G (4), Kaydince H (6)

This is our idea for our project and how we are going to build it.


Cynara: hot glued everything, brought colorful pop tabs, journal, cutting, did the fish, and added the bags

Kaydince: did the sand, added seashells, made the website, brought in pop tabs, painted the seaweed, and did some of the water

Eden: some of the water, brought in cans, brought in pop tabs, and did some of the sand

This is the after, and we finish everything that we had to do


  • Pop tabs
  • Foam
  • Hot glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Paint
  • Sand
  • Old soda cans
  • Tape
  • Plastic bags
  • Straw
  • Seashells
  • Thin cardboard
  • A board



We got the idea for our project from a video that had a turtle in it that had a straw up its nose and a six-pack ring around its neck, so with that video, we decided to make a representation of why people should recycle.


Today is the first day of our project, and we are just sketching different designs to see which one looks the best for what we are going to do for this project.


We’ve got an idea of what the turtle is going to look like, so today we are gathering materials. We decided we were not going to buy any materials, we were going to recycle all the materials we were using for our project.


We have gathered all the materials we are going to be using and the following materials we are using are pop tabs, foam, hot glue, googly eyes, paint, sand, old soda cans, tape, straw, seashells, plastic bags, thin cardboard, and a board.  


The reason we chose these materials is that we thought they would be easy to work with and they wernt hard to find at all, and we did not have to find any new materials because we just use the scraps from something we already cut.


Today we started assembling the turtle a little bit at a time, we started with the shell and then the head. We made the shell out of foam and used hot glue to glue on the pop tabs, and the head was made out of thin cardboard for the base, and then we hot glued pop tabs around the head, and then we added eyes.                                                                                                                                 


Today we made the feet and the tale for the turtle, we made the feet by shaping the foam and cut and added pop tabs for a design and for the tale we just cut the foam, and we glued everything on.


Today we added a few simple, necessary things, including a six-pack ring we made with tape for around the neck, hot glue tears for the eyes, and a straw for the nose.


Today we started working the board for the turtle, first we got a board and painted the sea and the sand, and we gave the sand texture by adding real sand to the paint next we glued seashells in the sand to give it a good effect.


When we were working on our project today, we decided to add some dead seaweed and dead fish on the shore for good measure and a good affect. We made the seaweed by cutting pool noodles into a certain shape and painting them brown, made the fish by cutting a can and adding little details. 


Today, we added a little bit more of the paint and sand mixture to the board so it looks even more like a beach with the bumps, and made some of it a little darker for the tide when the water comes up on to the shore, that’s where the dead seaweed and fish came from.


Today we did the final step of our project by gluing everything together and adding the final touches. For example, we added cans to the sand and plastic bags to the water and making sure everything is secure and ready.

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  • I love your turtle! Great job working together and using recycled materials!


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