The Unschoolers and The Four Energies

Mama Sam’s Co-op, Merritt Island, Florida

Ariel G.
Carl R.
Crest G.
Eleanore R.

We began our project by brainstorming different types renewable energy. We researched using sources online including Google and YouTube as well as books our instructor gave us. After researching and discussing each type together we decided which type of renewable energy source we each wanted to represent. Using what we each learned we started to draw ideas of how we wanted to paint our energy source.

We then drew out 3 ideas each with our chosen energy source and then chose our favorite idea to represent our source. Carl chose Solar Energy, Ellie chose HydraPower, Ariel chose BioMass Energy and Crest chose GeoThermal Energy. The first drawings we drew helped us to collect our thoughts and decide on the one we wanted to make our final painting.

We sent out emails to some local solar businesses asking if they would like to donate broken solar panels to us for our project. In the email we explained what EnergyWhiz is and what our project was about. By using old and broken panels, this was a way for us to use trash and make them useable again even if it’s a different way. There’s a business in Orlando called Florida Power Management who donated 4 solar panels to us so we could paint our renewable energy designs. We thank them for helping us! Here we are painting our designs.

We don’t have finished pictures of our projects for our website because half of our team has been very sick for two weeks and we have been unable to meet with our group. Our projects will be completed by the competition date but we are sorry we are not done for our website pictures. We decided to include what pictures we had of our paintings so far to show that we are working on them and to meet the deadline of turning in our website. We are excited to surprise the judges and show our finished paintings on our panels at the competition.

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  • You all did a great job exlainingt your projects! Great use of colkors as well.


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