Heat Dual

Ocean Breeze Elementary

Team: Aria T. (5th Grade) and Hanson B (5th Grade).

We’re Aria T and Hanson B from Ocean Breeze Elementary. The both of us are in 5th grade. This is Hanson’s first year of participating in the solar oven category. However, this will be Aria’s third year competing in the solar oven cook off. She participated with a different team each year with a different oven design each time. Over the past two years she has come home with multiple medals placing in 3 categories each time. Ranging in all four categories: Best design, culinary, wow, and fresh from Florida.

Test Results

We Tested our oven on a partly cloudy day, around 12-1pm. Resulting in our oven reaching a temperature of 109-125° F.


We chose the parabola oven design after being inspired by an oven design that was seen at last years competition. It was chosen due to its unique design over the typical box style ovens.


  • Cardboard box
  • Solar Reflective Panels
  • Tin Foil
  • Box Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Tape


What we plan on serving is Vegetarian Mexican Pizza, Floribbean Burritos, and Strawberry Shortcake along side some Orange Sun Tea.

Orange Sun Tea:

– 1 gallon of water
– 1 cup sugar
– 4 tea bags
– sliced Oranges

Start by taping the 4 tea bags to the side of the container. Add in the 1 cup of sugar then the 1 gallon of tea. Set the container out in the sun and let the tea brew. While the tea is brewing slice your oranges. When your tea is brewed to your liking, stir the tea to mix in the melted sugar. Once the tea is served add in your sliced oranges.  Serve warm or with some ice.

Vegetarian Mexican Pizza:

– Diced Tomatoes
– 1-2 Sliced Jalapeños
– Shredded Mexican Cheese
– 1 Can Refried Beans
– 1 Red Onion Diced
– 2 Tortillas (flower)
– Cilantro
– Sour Cream
– Sliced Olives

Take 1 tortilla lay it flat. Spread refried beans and place the second tortilla on top. Spread cheese across the top. Slice your Jalapenos and place them around the top of your pizza. Dice your onions and your sliced olives and do the same. Place your pizza on your Solar oven until your beans are warm and your cheese is melted. Sprinkle with cilantro and drizzle your sour cream – then serve.

Floribbean Burritos:

-Sour Cream
-Large flour tortilla
-Diced red onion
-2 ears of corn
-2 jalapeños diced
-2 mangos diced
-2 avocados diced
– chopped cilantro
-1 lime juiced
-2tbsp honey
– Cojita cheese
-1 can black beans

Take your black beans and place them in a container and place it on the Solar Oven to cook. When heated take your tortilla and place a helping of beans down the center of your burrito. Top with your salsa, cojita cheese, and sour cream. Roll your burrito and serve. While your beans are cooking. Dice your onion, jalapeno, avocado, and mango. Mix in a bowl. Slice the corn off the cobb and add to the mixture. Add in the lime juice and honey. Mix and serve on your burrito

Strawberry Shortcake:

-1 container strawberries sliced
-1 cup sugar
-Pound cake
-Whip cream

Slice strawberries, place in a bowl. Add in sugar. Place strawberries on the oven to start cooking and leeching out the natural juices. Cube your pound cake and place in your serving container. Pour your strawberry mixture over top of the cake. Top with whip cream and serve.

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  • Can’t wait to see your solar cooker in action. Good sturdy parabolic design


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