Hi! we’re Helios, 3 middle schoolers looking for a challenge. With our Solar Powered car otherwise known as the Ray Catcher, we’re heading for the gold at the end of the finish line. Outside of EnergyWhiz, we’re simply a group of friends hanging out, still at the end of the day we’re a brilliant batch of girls with different talents, put us together and you found the girls who bring STEAM to life!

Team Members

  • Amaiya- Grade 7
  • Nicole- Grade 7
  • Chelsea- Grade 7


  • Nicole’s dad
  • Amaiya’s mom & dad
The car ready to take the cake!
Nicole holds Helios as Amaiya describes our car and Chelsea films from behind the camera

Helios ran 70ft (21.4m) in 7.02 seconds

One thought on “Helios!

  • Great team work! It’s always great to learn about how students solve the challenges that are presented in the design, build and operation of these model cars. Great job and great run! Congratulations.


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