Infinite Ideas

Elle R. 4th grade Ocean Breeze ES

Hello my name is Elle R and my representation of renewable energy is my Infinite Ideas which is a infinity cube which represents renewable energy!

I am the only one that did this project so I did everything on my own. First, I came up with an idea which was to make an infinity cube. Then, I started making my individual cubes each with a different picture. Next was taping them together. Once I was done with making my cubes they made an awesome picture. After putting all the pictures together it made my infinity cube.

Did you know that there are some ways of generating energy that gives no greenhouse gas emissions, like that which comes from fossil fuels and it reduces types of air pollution?

This art piece is important because it represents renewable energy and how we can save the Earth.

I selected this project because when you see a rubix cube it might be hard to solve but when you see an infinity cube it’s super easy to solve. Another reason I picked this project is because it’s a fun project to do and observe.

Some special things that I want to add in is that each different side has one of the following: a plug-in, a lightning bolt, a windmill, a water wheel, the recycling logo, a solar panel, the sun, a tree, examples of biofuels (algae, grass, sugar beats, and sunflower oil).

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  • Really nice project. Great job doing a voice-over on the video!


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