Koala Colonies

School Name: Bay Meadows Elementary STEAM DREAM TEAM Members: Teagan S. (5th), Tali D. (5th), Koki K. (4th), Bhrithika B. (5th), Pari R. (4th).

Chosen Animal : The animal we did our habitat on is an ostrich.

Critter Test: If ostriches lived in our habitat, they would live comfortably. They would live alone or in small groups and run around for their life. They
would hydrate themselves from the water source, which is the pond. They would eat the leaves and grasses from the bushes and plants from
the sausage tree. When it rains or if it is very hot, they may hide under the tree to get shade.

Who helped us? Parents helped with hot glue, supplies, and brochure. Siblings helped with solar panels.

Materials: Clay, green pompoms, pipe cleaners, paper towel rolls, cardboard box, Kraft wrapping paper, tape, resin, sand, glue, cotton filing, thread, solar light, markers, color pencils, paint, printed picture, glue, and plastic ostriches.

Completed habitat.
Sausage Tree
Baobab Tree
Solar Panel
Group Photo (1 student missing)
Brochure Front
Brochure Back
No video uploaded.

8 thoughts on “Koala Colonies

  • Your brochure is excellent, I loved it! You put a lot of thought into this habitat and it shows. Great Job!

  • Very creative and informative! 🙂

  • Very Creative. I learned something too! I never knew that the Ostrich has 3 stomachs. I loved your use of the solar panel for the renewable resource. Great Job and great teamwork.

  • This is amazing! I am proud of each of you for your level of enthusiasm, dedication, and determination to complete this project! Way to represent BME!

  • This project is outstanding! I’m impressed with your creativity and thought process concerning the needs of the ostrich. Way to go Tali, Teagan, Koki, Pari, and Bhrithika (BB)!

  • You guys did an amazing job!!! Good luck!


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