Ladybug Rain Barrel

We were so lucky, while we were recording a video it actually started to rain and we all got excited and happy for our “Ladybug Rain Barrel ” to fill up.

Rain barrels are like big buckets that people use to collect and conserve rainwater that falls from the sky. By using rain barrels, people can save water and use it to water plants and gardens, instead of using water from a hose or a sprinkler. This helps the environment because it saves energy as we don’t need an electric sprinkler to water all our plants.

Our Ladybug Rain Barrel is made of recyclable material that is safe for the environment. Our inspiration for the art on the rain barrel was the Ladybugs for their bright colors and their role in our gardens. The paint we have used is a special non-toxic, “bee-safe” acrylic paint suitable for gardens. The bright, beautiful, and bold colors of yellow, red, pink and white will naturally attract bugs.

When the Ladybug visited us

2 thoughts on “Ladybug Rain Barrel

  • Ladybugs!!! Let’s go wolfpups!! I loved your video and your energy is awesome! I love your colorful rain barrel . It is so neat to put the plants right there and not waste any drop of the previous water. Keep up the good work!

  • You all did a wonderful job on your project! I also LOVE the ladybug theme.


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