Lightening McQueen

Meet Lightening McQueen

Moving FAST down the track to VICTORY!!!

Using my knowledge from our school race. I built a bigger and faster car! This was such a fun experience connecting what we learned in class to the model cars. Energy is so cool!

That moves at a time of 3.61 on a 10 meter long track!

Trial 1
Trial 2
Side 1
Side 2
Back -Using Gear F 10 tooth 2mm bore on the motor. Using Gear I 40- tooth 1/8″ bore on the axle.

Here is my test run before timing the car.

7 thoughts on “Lightening McQueen

  • Sleek design and sure is fast. Very stable too, in that it stayed straight on the track. Congratulations and good luck!

  • Great job, Walker!

  • Your solar car looks great! Good luck in the competition!

  • Yay, Walker!!! Way to make us all proud!! Awesome work!!

  • Walker! You did an awesome job on the car! 🙂

  • Great build and race Lightening McQueen! You make us proud! Sumter District Schools


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