The Lemon Engine

Roboeagles Team 3

Stone Lakes Elementary School

5th Grade

Create By: Anaya and Inika

Lemon clip art free clipart images - Clipartix

After a long day’s work at school all we want is a nice cold glass of lemonade. We made a machine that can pour us a glass of lemonade for us to enjoy! We hope you enjoy watching our machine at work!

Watch our videos here!

Energy Transformation Machine, Team Lemon Engine
Student explanation of their Energy Transformation Machine created by Team Lemon Engine.

Energy Transfer Machine In Action, Team Lemon Engine
This shows the Energy Transfer Machine working.  Created by Team Lemon Engine.

4 thoughts on “The Lemon Engine

  • That was great! Really enjoyed the unique ending, a nice cold glass of lemonade! Excellent design and run, congratulations!

  • I don’t think I have seen lemonade go down a marble ramp before…..very creative (even if it is a little messy! 🙂

  • Great presentation, I would have liked to hear from the other team member some more too. It was fun watching the golf ball go down the ramps. Did you try any other methods to make the lemonade pour out slower and more controlled?

  • This is a fun project and I enjoyed watching the video. The video presentation is elegant, vivid and beautiful narration. Application of scientific principles and design is demonstrated in your project. Exceptional accomplishment for a small team; an indication of enviable teamwork, efficiency and cooperation. A creative projective and excellent demonstration of practical implementation. Good luck in your scientific pursuits and keep up the great work!


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