The Dog Catchers

Student List

Josh Grade 7
Grant Grade 8
Jacob Grade 7
Jonathan Grade 7



Test Results

Test results: 
Trial 1: 
4/15/21, 3:30 pm
Hazy weather
The vehicle travelled about 10 feet before we had issues with the axels, result in the car to turn and run into a wall. Possible improvements would be straightening the axels and wheels.

Trial 2:
4/27/21 3:10 pm 
Sunny weather
The vehicle travelled a full 30 feet with no major issues. It still turned a bit, but not enough to cause a problem. Only improvements would be making all of the joints stronger.

The weather conditions for today where sunny with no clouds in the sky.

Total distance: 30 ft.
Suggestions for improvement: straighter axel, More sturdy 

One thought on “The Dog Catchers

  • Love the car design and theme. Like that you chose the name Bolt, which is the Disney character dog and also Chevy’s new all electric car. Great use of recycled materials, and great sprint! Congratulations and good luck!


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