The Microwaves

List of Students

Alyssa Grade 8
Dawson Grade 7
Nicholas Grade 8
Johnathan Grade 8



3 thoughts on “The Microwaves

  • What a healthy looking meal, and I’m impressed that you had a main course, side, and even a dessert! It looks like you found a way to boost the power of the solar cooker with extra reflection. This is a very ambitious project and you did a great job. Good teamwork, congratulations!

  • The design looks like it should last many years, that’s great because it reduces waste. What temperatures did you get in the cooker?

  • Your solar cooker design looks very well constructed and durable! I see a fresnel lens in the photos. How did you use it with the cooker? How hot were you able to get the interior of your cooker? I would love to see this cooker in action!


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