Ocean Machine

Team: Aria R. ,Hayden C. ,Easton W. ,Owen M.

We are all in 3rd grade at Ocean Breeze Elementary School

Our machine is made up of 5 stages, Ozobot, beginning, middle, almost done, and done.

Our first complete run was very short but it rang the bell! We had more time so we added more transfers. Both videos are below

This is the beginning of the course, the Ozobot is right before it and it connects to the middle stage. Owen and Hayden built the beginning part.
This is the middle stage and is made mostly of dominoes, balls and string connected to cars. This stage was made by Aria.
This is the almost done stage. These photos where taken before it was complete so there is more and you can see it if you scroll down to the other pictures. This stage was made by Owen.
This is the Ozobot stage, which is at the beginning of the course. The Ozobot is what we used for the technology part. It took multiple tries to get the path just right. This stage was made by Easton.

Our transfers of energy are below. We are missing one picture between the 1st and 2nd photo but you can see it in the back of the last photo.

Silly video. We had many, many, many failures. We got frustrated and angry at times. But we also got silly. We learned to deal with things not working, over and over again. it was hard.

6 thoughts on “Ocean Machine

  • Well designed and varied transfers! Good work, team!

  • The ingenuity between the desk was really clever!

    Way to go future engineers!

  • l Iove how the transfers went between desks! Also, it was great how you showed that the whole process took trial and error and lot’s of patience! I’m glad it all paid off in the end. Good work!

  • Lots of clever transfers and impressive run time. Looks like you had lots of fun and learned how to deal with the frustrations that come with building things. Good job.

  • This looks like it was lots of fun to make! The transfers between all of the desks was very exciting. Nice job on the number of transfers, overall complexity, and photo documentation of the steps.


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