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Rapid Racers

Team Members: Samuel and Andrew, 3rd grade

Vehicle: The SolarMobile

The SolarMobile

Dimensions – 17 centimeters tall, 16 centimeters wide and 37 centimeters long


problems on the way

1 problem we had was that when trying to make the car on rough terain and making it go faster so we decided to try some way to get tires on both of the wheels which led to problem 2.


problem 2 was a hard one that we didn’t solve due to some circumstances but we got half way . the problem was that the wheel with no tire was not attached to the axle and no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get the 2 big wheels to spin so we ended up with having to only have on back wheel with a tire, but it worked better.



base:plastic corget

wheels are driven by a pulley connected to a generator connected to the solar panel

axles: 2 kabob sticks

energy: solar panel

to get the solar energy from the solar panel i used alligator clips and wires

flow of energy

light energy went from the sun and hit the solar panel, then the solar energy turns into electrical energy that runs through the wires and turns in to mechanical energy which makes the pulley spin the wheel.

17 thoughts on “Rapid Racers

  • I really like the name!

  • thank you for the encoriging words

  • Very nice! I think you have a nice way of moving the solar panel around so if the sun is low and your solar panel is high you can move it.

    • It is a very good idea, and I like your compliment.

  • Way to go, Samuel and Andrew! It is obvious you all make a great team.
    Wallace Knight
    LCS Science Developer

    • Thank you for the compliment, Wallace!

    • thank you for the positive words!

    • thank you for the thoughtful comment

  • I love how you explained everything in the section ” problems on the way “

    • thank you for the kind words

    • I love your compliment, Doreen!

  • Very nice design and explanation of your car. Ran well too, so congratulations and good luck.

    • thank you for the encorging words

    • Thank you very much!


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