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Save the World

Team Members:

Gianna, 4th grade, Claire, 4th grade, Annabelle, 4th grade, Siena. 4th grade, and Aubrey, 4th grade

Coach Mrs. Howard and Drama Teacher Mrs. Timmerman

Deforestation and littering are hurting our world. Team Save the World created a public service announcement infused with humor to bring attention to the effects of deforestation and littering. Help us SAVE THE WORLD!

This public service announcement was inspired by a class assignment from our Drama Teacher, Mrs. Timmerman. The students had to complete research and create a public service announcement for Earth Day. These young ladies used humor to bring attention to global issues that impact our world.

8 thoughts on “Save the World

  • I am now fully energized by your energy. Great public service announcement.

  • Such enthusiasm! That was a great way to get your message across – I’m sure more people paid attention to your PSA than they would have otherwise. Great job!

    • Thank you. It was fun and putting enthusiasm in it was just natural! We wanted to catch peoples attention on deforestation and littering but in a fun manner.

  • Fantastic Job, I loved it! Great message from some amazing young ladies!

    • Thank you for the kind comment. We had fun talking about an important message.

      • These young ladies did a great job sending out a message on the importance of taking care of the Earth.

  • I love your energy and your message! I just wish everyone was as easy to convince as the characters in your skit. Go World!!

    • We wish that everyone is as easy to convince too. The best we could do was put out a message telling people not to litter and cut down trees. Thank you for the kind comment.


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