Brock C. (G6), Carlos D.(G6)

Pine Crest School

Model 1 | Soap

Brock and Carlos | December 1, 2020

Took 4 days of work. Our first model looks like a bar of soap, so we have decided to name it soap. After printing, we realized we only had three motor holes. Our car works, but it is not super fast. The motor holes are not in the perfect location.

Model 2

Brock and Carlos | December 15, 2020

Took 4 days of work. Model 2 did not turn out the way we expected it to. We messed up, we forgot the hole in the bottom, and the screw holes did not line up. They also were not big enough. We made the car more cubic and added a ramp in the front. We added the ramp thinking it would push the air away, but we did not consider the solar panel. 

Model 3

Brock and Carlos | January 5, 2021

Took 5 days of work. In this version, we enlarged the screw holes so they will work. We also added the fourth screw hole that we forgot to put in versions 1 and 2. We also added a unicorn horn thinking it would look cool. We now realize that it was a bad idea. 

Model 4

Brock and Carlos | January 26, 2021

Took 4 days of work. In model 4, our car works again. However, we needed to move the screw holes, so we drilled some holes. We also need to make a little more space for the gear because it rubs against the wall.

Model 5

 wallsrock and Carlos | February 23, 2021

Took 5 days of work. Model 5 works, but only with cardboard, this is because we need to use bigger wheels to make it so we can not put the solar panel on top. The car has trouble starting up. We needed to use bigger wheels so we would have the required amount of space under the car. We have made many changes. We removed the ramp and changed the structure of the front to try and push away the wind. We also made the walls and floor thinner and added extra holes for lighter weight. We have adjusted the screw holes a little bit.

Model 6

Brock and Carlos | March 12, 2021

Took 3 days of work. For model 6, we made the walls 9mm taller, so that we wouldn’t need cardboard to hold up the solar panel. We also adjusted the screw holes so we wouldn’t have to do any drilling. I removed an unnecessary wall behind the front ramp to get rid of some excess weight. We also made new wheels out of a clear and thicker material.

Brock and Carlos | March 26, 2021

Update: Model six turned out to be super fast. We replaced the solar panel because the old one was creating almost no energy. It went pretty straight and turned to the left a little bit.


Brock and Carlos | April 23, 2021


We did the final test and ours went the fastest. We struggled to get the hooks on but it all worked out in the end. The runs happened at 3:15pm in full sunlight.

We didn’t have the string hooked up on the wire correctly.
It Worked!
Wrong way!
It worked again!

3 thoughts on “Soap

  • Very zippy car….good job!

  • I enjoyed all the takes on your video, especially the one where the car went the wrong way, bloopers are great! You showed great persistence in your design changes and understanding what the problems were. In the end, a great car with a great run, congratulations and good luck?

  • I like how when it worked it went straight in a line without curving.


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