Super “R” Saving the Planet.

TEAM NAME: Super R Kids.

TEAM MEMBERS: Emanuel (1st Grade), Luciana (Kindergarten), Patsi (Kindergarten)

We are from Osceola Science Charter School.


The main idea of our project is to show people how the planet is being contaminated for our actions. And ask them to stop affecting the forest, ocean, and animals. We created the Super “R” to save the planet with the three R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, materials that affect the planet.


4 thoughts on “Super “R” Saving the Planet.

  • This website is great but seeing it in person was wonderful! There was so much work put into this and you all did an amazing job! I was super impressed with the super hero and all the pieces. What a great way to make all three pieces work together.

  • Fantastic job! Great use of multimedia, especially the paint and legos!

  • I am so proud of these three students! They are using knowledge gained in class and taking further steps!!!

  • very happy to see these little ones doing environmental awareness work. Also very proud to see them work with so much responsibility. Let’s go guys, you deserve that award. 🙏🏻 🥇


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