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Team Dolphin

We are 3rd grade students at Ocean breeze elementary. our names are Callie, Camdyn, Evelyn, and Ozias

We thought we would do a hedgehog because it had some really cool facts. Some of the facts we liked were that they used their spikes for defense against their predators, another one is that hedgehogs are nocturnal meaning they come out at night and sleep in the day. We know that they can chew, so we were careful with what they might chew on and not get sick. We know they are comfortable in average room temperature, so our cage is for indoors.

We started by Brainstorming what we were gonna put everything in and then we decided to build a cage!

When we finished we started to brainstorm what our theme was going to be. we decided it was going to be ocean theme because our school was a ocean animal that was also how we came up with our name. When we knew our theme we started to make some stuff. We started by thinking what was like the ocean we dug through the fabrics bin and got some ocean fabric and started to make. First we started to make what was going to be the bed.

We wanted to make sure it had somthing to play or cuddle with, so we made blankets and some pillows.

We started to make the floor by putting blue fabric down with white fabric to make it look like the ocean with bubbles and took a big white peace of paper put glue on it and sand and we made an ocean

Next, we ran into a problem the water bowl was leaking. We fixed the problem by switching the bowls, so we made the food bowl the water bowl and water bowl the food bowl. And then we decided to paint some bricks, and we wanted it to be an ocean theme. So we made it oceans, palm trees, and colorful sunsets!

We made the food and water bowl out of clay and then baked them. Then, we tore some brown paper to act like the food we also put the water in the water bowl.

And then we put it all together. We finished!

13 thoughts on “Team Dolphin

  • Great job Team! Very creative and talented.

  • Wow! The four of you were so thoughtful and sweet in your process. You did amazing with your project! Great job!!!

  • LOVE THIS❤️ So smart!

  • Wow! That is so creative and so cute! If I were a hedgehog I would love living there! Such a cozy home!

  • Great job to Team Dolphin! Any hedgehog would enjoy living in the home you created! I love the fabric fish and the food and water bowls.

  • Great job girls. Love that everything is ocean and beach theme. Love that you made the bowls and baked them. So cute

  • Great work team dolphin! I can tell you put a lot of thought into your hedgehog home. I love the ocean theme!

  • I think you did an AWESOME job! One of the girls on that team are my little sister and I am so proud of how her and her friends used creativity and craftsmanship to make a Super Cool critter cottage!

  • This looks great! I love the little brick decorations and the turtle water bowl.

    • This is so Awesome! You did a great job girls. So much thought went into your project and it shows. Well done!


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