TEAM Smoothie

Members of the team

From Left to Right: Adrian O. (3rd Grade), Anthony T. (3rd Grade), Nicholas K. (4th grade), and Iyla O. (4th Grade).

Materials Used in the Construction of Smoothie Car

Parts and materials used.
Straws – Wheels – Axes – Motor – Wires – Clips – Tape – Gears – Pencil – Golf ball – Ruler – Paper

Construction of Chassis

First, we traced on a paper at the scale 1:1 the design of our car. We used 4 wheels, 2 axes, 5 white and red straws, 3 red straws, and hot glue to assemble all parts.

Construction of Car / Challenges

One of our challenges was how to keep the solar panel high so it doesn’t interfere with the wheels. We decide to use more straws. Red strows have the curving part our car needed to create an adjustable basement for the photovoltaic panel.

We added the battery holder to the bottom of the car. The Ping Pong ball didn’t need any special container to hold it in thanks to our design with straws.

We added the guide for the fishing line, so on the day of the competition the car can go straight. We are using always a protector to take good care of our solar panel.

Final Product

Our mission is accomplished! Smoothie Solar car is ready to run!!!! It is Light (0.4 Lb) and FAST!!!!!!

Watch this video. We recommend you not blink so you don’t miss it!!!! Thank you for supporting our team!!!!

3 thoughts on “TEAM Smoothie

  • Amazing job guys… love the design and how you worked as a team to accomplish exactly what you proposed a fast lightweight solar car

  • I have judged for years and have never seen a car made of straws before. Very creative way to build a light car!!

  • Great job team! You made it! You wanted a fast and light car that could smoothly run to the finish line and you did it!!
    After several attempts, you could combine the perfect materials and design for your car. Your work is great, but what is even better is that you keep working on improving your car at every weekly meeting. Congratulations team!!!


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